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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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high 80's. very comfortable. some great weekend holiday whether coming up. for anyone planning to spend part of the weekend at the national mall, it you should expect a lot of the usual congesting. -- congestion. >> extreme heat and security concerns are to be is used that are on the forefront as we head into this long weekend. the stage is set as we go into one of the most popular weekend here in washington d.c. >> this family from texas could not be more excited to spend the independence day weekend in washington d.c.
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>> i know that it will be awesome. >> from the fireworks to the festival, this is one of the most popular weekends of the year to be in the nation's capital. >> you always see it on television. when you are here, it makes you feel like you are a part of it. >> the fireworks are the biggest attraction. it will start at 9:10 monday night. security will be tight. all bad and backpacks could be served. the u.s. park police are asking them to keep their eyes open. >> just like we have learned to do across the nation for the last 10 years it d.c. something that causes your suspicions to be aroused, say something.
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>> metro will operate from 7:00 in the morning until midnight. the smithsonian station will be closed all day until after the fireworks and. -- end. there'll be plenty of security measures that will be very visible to people down here on the mall, but there will be others that will be invisible. people said know that the park police and other local agencies are watching out on this very important weekend. authorities are urging anyone who comes down here to be cautious because it will be so warm. first aid stations are being set out to help anyone should date -- should they be expected by the extreme -- affected by the extreme heat. >> in addition to the national mall, many of the major roads are packed.
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you can see the slow going on a friday, let alone the fourth of july weekend. the scene is not much better in maryland. this is a live picture at sandy point. we are tracking all the potential traffic problems and we will have an update at 5:30. md.'s signature s seafood said the crabs are plentiful this year. prices are as low as $100 a bushel on the eastern shore. the population is on the rebound following restrictions that were put in place in 2008. we are your complete source for
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anything related to the fourth of july. go to we are falling some breaking news from fairfax county. crews are battling a serious house fire. we were over the scene. this is just minutes ago. it appears that the smoke and flames have caused significant damage. there is no word on any injuries right now or a cause. we will continue to fall this fire. we have learnt new information about a deadly stabbing that witnesses say was over a pair of expensive shoes. we spoke with a witness and we are live with the dramatic account. >> the people live and work around here said the plaza is a hangout for young people. they were stunned by what they saw your last night and shocked
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to learn what it was all about. witnesses thought it was just a brawl. they quickly realized it stems from something much more serious. five people had been stabbed one of them, a 21-year-old fatally. >> he was not doing anything stupid. >> his friends gathered at the scene to grieve. >> we do not know any story at all. >> they were fighting. >> witness is telling us in the aftermath, they heard the violence broke out over a pair of trendy issues. they had just gone on sale. they are highly prized status symbol in some quarters. >> young kids do not have anything to do but to fight over shoes. >> those who know the victim are struggling with the reality that
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a young man's life ended possibly over a pair of shoes. >> it is pretty scary. kids do crazy things. it is unbelievable. >> his friends say he was coming to the defense of a body when he was stabbed. despite the abundance of witnesses, prince george's county police said they have yet to make an arrest. the big developments in the rape case that ties to continents. dominique strauss-kahn was released on bail. this comes as there are significant cold and the accuser's account to police. >> it was certainly a legal bombshells in court. for weeks he has been confined to a luxury manhattan loft. today, he is freed from house
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arrest. prosecutors are investigating holes in the story. he walked out of court a free on his own recognizance. he did not speak to reporters. >> we get to celebrate fort his family a bit of personal independence. >> he has been the focus of a pipe -- of a high-profile investigation when a hotel maid accused him of sexually assaulting her in his luxury hotel suite. >> substantial credibility issues. we are not moving to dismiss the case. >> the woman advocates making up a story of being gang raped and beaten in her homeland in order to enhance her application for asylum. the charges, including attempted rape are not being produced.
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>> are prosecutors will continue their investigation. >> the attorney for the alleged victim is outraged. his client has described the sexual assault many times. her story has remained the same. >> the only defense that dominique strauss-kahn has is that the sexual encounter was consensual. that is alive. >> under terms of this release he is permitted to travel within the united states. his passport remains robust. we will tell you where prosecutors will go from here. with just weeks ago until the deadline, lawmakers continued to bicker over a way to keep the u.s. from defaulting on its debt. the white house is proposing $400 billion in tax increases and spending cuts. republicans opposed the tax hikes and they want deeper cuts.
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what could happen if a deal is not reached. we are learning more about the playground shooter of a four-year-old boy from a five- year-old boy. prince george's county -- we spoke with the mother of the young man who fired the weapon. he is live at police headquarters. >> the four-year-old victim apparently doing pretty well. in the hospital, but he is up and around and talking. the big question is where did this five-year-old get that done. we talked to that boy's mom and she offered an explanation. they are just little boys. one lives in this building, the other across the parking lots. they need to play on this playground. it was here yesterday afternoon that the five-year-old raised a
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gun and shot a four-year-old and the back. >> my son was outside playing. he found the gun on the playgrounds and the thought it was a cap gun. >> she asked that we not show her face. she is adamant that gun is not from her home. her son thought it was only a toy. >> i've just want to be left alone. >> family friend said the four- year-old boy is expected to make a full recovery. she says he did not even know what hit tim. >> -- hit him. >> he tried to be calm. he was good. >> she cannot say for sure where the gun came from.
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she does not believe that the boys found dead outside. >> there is no way. for her not to see a gun. >> the police investigation is focusing on where the gun came from. they will run ballistics on it. another thing they're looking not, the little boy, after the shooting, ran back into the house and hid the gun in his home. they want to find dealt wide that was his reaction to such a terrifying instance. coming up, dozens of cats the deadly virus that created the situation. >> how about a beer with a burger? he might be surprised or you can find both options on the menu. >> we are keeping a close watch on the holiday traffic
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situation. we want to find out how much you will pay for gasoline once you arrive at the beach. >> just seven days away from that historic final launch of the shuttle atlantis. we have some emotional
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just one week from today history will be made when the last space shuttle takes off for the final time. >> that the voyage has all of us wondering what is next for the space program. >> it is understandable that emotions would run high. these conditions have changed the way we live. to preview that historic moment, a rare treat as we talked with nasa's chief. it is hard to imagine just one launch left. nasa looks to the next spays of exploration. an emotional subject today at the national press club.
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>> when it occurs, and the tears subside, we will keep on moving toward where we want to go next. >> he showed off his blue bracelets in honor of gabrielle giffords, an item he said recently blessed by the pope. that prompted these inspiring words from her husband. >> many of you have been following the recovery of my wife. she has to -- she is doing very well. i love for very much i also love the space shuttle very much. >> while recounting the successes and the uncertainty of what is next, he joked about his own future. >> thank you plan to run for public office? i will go into more detail next week when i visit iowa and new hampshire. my main focus right now is her recovery. >> nasa is one big family, they
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will tell you. the shuttle era may be over, but the mission is not. all of this change is based on budget. it has become too costly. next week's launch will be a 12- day mission. >> thank you very much. we will have complete coverage of the final flight. leon harris will report from kennedy space center next week. nasa began tests on air quality over the d.c. and baltimore metropolitan areas. howard scientist and postgraduate students released able limited to conduct the test today. howard university is one of six
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sites that is providing ground monitoring. the cleanup is getting under way in mexico. tropical storm arlene is blamed for two deaths. it caused widespread flooding in mexico city. dropped in texas -- drought in texas. it will continue there. the year that we have the first and fourth weekend and the same month. >> it is going to be very fourth of july. >> a good weekend out there for folks doing the voting. -- boating.
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sunday afternoon. our temperature outside right now 90 degrees. july has an average of 1590- degree days. do -- june had 10. we are at 90 degrees here in washington. 80's out to our west. hardly a cloud in the site. oklahoma city, 100 degrees today. every day in the month of june, oklahoma city was 90 or higher. look at the humidity. that'll be coming in as we get into sunday and monday praised -- sunday and monday. overnight tonight, high pressure is still our dominant whether
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maker. tomorrow, a lot of senate -- a lot of sunshine. the humidity comes in and there is a weakening waterfront coming our way, sunday afternoon is to the day where there is a risk of afternoon showers. for the fireworks everything will be in good shape. heading out for the beaches? a lot of sunshine, the water temperatures are in the high 60's. it will be a light north breeze. not really good sailing weather. because of the light winds, and there is an air quality alert and a fact. -- in affect. later in the afternoon some
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better sailing. for everybody else stand around town, a very nice comfortable evening tomorrow. a lot of sunshine when you get up and head out very comfortable. it will be about 70 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, a few clouds. a bit on the hot side. still reasonable humanity. as we get into sunday afternoon and that is the one day where there is a risk of an afternoon thunderstorm. temperatures on sunday will be about 95 degrees. monday for the holiday, a lot of great weather and good fireworks weather. >> have your barbecue on wheels on sunday. we want to share review the winner of our latest facebook contest. >> congratulations.
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for our future contests, you can register by going to facebook. coming up, dozens of cats euthanize. there is a horton case tied to their deaths. >> in a scorpion stings a passenger on a plane. he is talking about his frightening experience. >> there with your burger? some fast-food chains want
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we have something you come into fast food restaurants. >> we have more on the plans for some fast-food giants to alcohol to the menu. >> would you like beer or wine with that burger? sonic is trying to boost their business by serving beer and wine on a trial basis. burger king debuted its whopper bars in miami. starbucks recently started selling beer and wine in some
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seattle stores. >> y do you think is a good idea? >> what is wrong with having a beer? >> sonic says alcohol will only be served for dine-in customers. some are concerned about safety and the impression on young adults. >> it is a negative influence. that should stay in bars. >> sonic will start selling beer at some of its doors down in florida testing it out. then it might branch out. coming up, the bold new comment, why she says she wishes she had never had her children. >> we are tracking the traffic levels as we start the fourth of july weekend. >> in fairfax when will
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you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 with leon harris and alison starling. this is abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. at 5:30, we are following some breaking news from
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northwest, where as many -- at this point, there is no word of any injuries. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. we will update you as soon as we get any information. 80 cats are euthanize in fairfax county due to a deadly virus. we are learning more about the sequence of events that caused this situation. >> the virus originated after some of the cats were removed. >> they are not allowing any cats adoptions whatsoever. they are not allowing any cats to be brought into this animal shelter. we are learning more about the woman who called herself a cast adoption advocate. there were still cats and dogs
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in tight -- inside the town home. they have been here five times in the past two weeks. the cats taking your reportedly had a deadly disease that spread to the animal shelter. the owner has been charged in connection with animal hoarding. a total of 75 cats have been removed from this column. neighbors had no idea there were so many. jacobs wanted her to adopt a kitten. she is glad that she did not now. >> i have seen her bring them in at a dock them out. >> the fairfax county animal shelter was overwhelmed. despite their being quarantined in one room, the airborne virus made its way to other cats through the ventilation system. the increase in boarding cages and may provoke a change. >> we may need to go to a
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regional approach. fairfax county is not the only shelter that has experiences with these hording cases. >> all 80 cats had to be euthanize. pet lovers say that according creates a lot of problems. >> the animals are in terrible conditions. it is very sad. >> jacobs is expected in court next week. and in the meantime, we understand they may get back in operation taking cats and and adopting cats out sometime next week. it is time to update tonight's top stories. police are looking for whoever staff a young man to death in prince george's county. a fight a thursday night began as an argument over a pair of expensive shoes. five people were stabbed. the 21-year-old died.
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there is still no word on who owns the gun a five-year-old boy used to shoot and will end his four-year-old neighbor. he fired the weapon on 23rd highway. the young man who was wounded is expected to recover. the alleged shooter's mother said her son found the gun in the playground. some relatives are not buying that claim. dominique strauss-kahn was released from house arrest. prosecutors say there are discrepancies in this story a manhattan native told police about how he allegedly raped her. we are learning more about a groundbreaking legal ruling that could have an impact on the fate of thousands. the decision could mean that many of the prisoners would be released early.
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>> we are outside the offices of the u.s. sentencing commission. they decided unanimously to allow some 12,000 federal prisoners on crack charges to have their sentences reduced retroactively. that will affect a lot of people in this area. today, we got reaction from one family. for this 38-year-old and his mother the sentence was welcomed news. >> i am waiting for my brother to come home. >> his identical twin was sent to federal prison just after they graduated from howard university in 1998, convicted of drug conspiracy involving crack. >> my son has had no record. he was never even stopped for a speeding ticket. >> lawrence still insist that
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they were innocent. the federal laws were made during the violent 1980's would rising homicide rates. critics say a law mainly against blacks. >> they are not people were bringing drugs into this country. inherently, they are very low level. >> this is a big hurdle, but it is not over. >> they have dedicated themselves into fighting mandatory sentencing. he planned to be a lawyer -- >> i do not want to be an attorney because the law is not fair. >> they must go back before aid judge and is done on a case by case basis. the judge can make the decision and some 85% of the sioux
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qualify are black -- of those who qualify for this are black. many of us have already started the fourth of july weekend. if you have not left for the beach, we do have some good news. the current average for a gallon of regular gas now stands at $3.60 a gallon. if you drive out to the ocean it is going to be cheaper. if you are heading to the jersey shore, expect to pay $3.55. if you are hitting the road and the next hour, what can you expect? >> good afternoon. you can expect some very heavy delays a lot of people are trying to dig out of town. the beltway is heavier than usual. here we are on route 50 on the
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eastbound side. solid. a lot of people heading to the beach. slow traffic on 270. 95 springfield on the southbound side, it is a mass. the hov is not much better. southbound rte. one in virginia, a lot of volume. coming up, a fight over food tonight. why a contest got an early start and the district. >> a scorpion on a plane? you will meet its prey and how he survived. >> a plan to help immigrant students would tuition is stopped before it starts.
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>> it happened when a man was on a flight to alaska. he is talking about his frightening ordeal. >> here is a picture of the proof. a scorpion was crawling up his arm on a flight from seattle to anchorage. >> it was inside my sleeve. i felt it underneath. >> scorpions are not known for their tickling, and the stain came next. >> i felt a calling on me again. >> his girlfriend promptly began to freak out. >> i saw the tail of wiggling. i pretty much jumped out of my seat. >> he was checked out by a pair of doctors on board. >> you will not have any
5:42 pm
permanent long-term damage. >> alaska airlines believes that the scorpion hitched a ride from an earlier flight in texas. the scorpion is not the first reported stowaway. they stumbled across everything from otters to rats to stakes, a cheetah, and a pink one. you thought the airport was as do? -- was a zoo? he said that he is happy with the flight crew's response. some students are hitting the books this summer for a very important reason. >> it is not quite hot dogs, but we did get a start on the weekend with a hamburger eating contest. >> the octomom made some
5:43 pm
disparaging comment
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we are learning more about a
5:46 pm
bold summer program. >> it is part of a plan to keep low income children from falling behind. >> do not tell these kids they are in summer school. >> sometimes, we go ella side and played. -- we go outside and play. >> they are having too much fun. this eight-year-old is learning about mammals. >> i am trying to figure out [inaudible] >> our focus is academics. the kids do not know this. >> this summer learning loss disproportionately affects lower income children. it shows the achievement gap between low and higher income children only gets bigger after summer. the study points to programs to prevent what is called the
5:47 pm
summer slide. >> if you have a parent that is working to and read jobs and is trying to make the ends meet, you are going to have a really hard time. >> not only do students learn reading, math, science, they also learn arts, music swimming. >> i am working on my back stroke. >> educators say most of the kids come to them not knowing how to swim. >> close to 95% have never been near the water. >> they are more confident in the classroom. >> if you can conquer water you can conquer anything in life. >> students are admitted to the program beginning after their kindergarten year. so far, 98% return every summer until ninth grade. the cost for then?
5:48 pm
just $25 for six weeks. >> firefighters are fighting the biggest wild fire in the history of the state of mexico. it has grown to more than 162 square miles. firefighters are making some progress under cloud cover and rain. the law has been closed since monday. all 12,000 residents have been taken out and they will not be allowed back until sunday at the earliest. 11 people are hurt following a tour bus crashed in texas. the driver veered off the road and then over corrected. it landed on its side across a three-lane highway. several passengers were able to escape to the front windshield. the woman known as octomom says that she hates her babies.
5:49 pm
nadya suleman told the magazine that the babies discussed her. she called her six older children animals. her bank account is overdrawn. 8 -- an abc reality hits kicks off our primetime. join us for "20/20" and to an end to abc 7 news at 11:00. " the debt ceiling deadline will stay right rear it is. that puts extra pressure on lawmakers to keep the country from defaulting. we have to check in with bob ryan one more time.
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how is the weather shaping up? >> it cost you less to get out of town with those lower gas prices. the only area of showers is heading south out of indiana. our temperature is right now, we are still at 90 degrees. because of the light wind, there is an air quality alert again tomorrow. it encompasses a wide area. today, the air quality was code yellow grade it will start of rain. -- green. temperatures will drop into the high 60's in most areas. tomorrow, we will see a southeasterly wind. if you have things to do, it is better to do it in the morning than in the afternoon when the air quality does deteriorates. temperatures tomorrow will be in
5:51 pm
the low 90's. after that, afternoon thunderstorms on sunday. some great weather for the holiday. we will keep you posted at you can check on those afternoon thunderstorms. we have you posted 24/7. >> and restart to the fourth of july tradition and the district. >> this one had a little bit of a twist. more than a dozen people took part in a hamburger eating contest. >> you are going down, baby. >> it was the united states versus canada. >> it is canada day and i am taking it home. >> the excitement was obvious the burglars were ready to go.
5:52 pm
-- burgers were ready to go. it seemed the u.s. had the title of a burger eating champion. in the end canada made a comeback. >> we are trying to be, the next hot dog eating contest. >> he has been a competitive eager for 11 years. -- eater for 11 years. next year, he plans to give america a when. >> i will not quit until they say it usa is number one. >> for the third year, approved the trip was worth it, and eating a total of 17.5 hamburgers. >> he would have to be a freak of nature. >> next year, they hope to expand the contest.
5:53 pm
>> there you go, at gourmet dining.
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the nationals and the pirates are home tonight. >> a big game. davey johnson leads this a big win tonight. >> he is off to a rocky start. he not -- he loves nothing more than being in the dugout. it got off to a rocky start. with a sweep in anaheim. the nationals are hitting at 232. the two-time world series champion stressed the team's needs for a big hitter off of the bench. >> it is wonderful being a 500 club. but that does not win championships.
5:57 pm
my job is to look at all the things and bad decisions and established players and the lineup. by the end of the year, i hope there are only one or two? . >> what is the attitude change in the clubhouse? >> we have always had a good attitude. it is one of those things where it is good to have a guy who has won everywhere. >> he was placed on the disabled list today with a fracture in his right wrist. he expects to be back in about three weeks. the capitals made some moves today. a big game goalie is heading to colorado. a local star will return to washington. it is all coming up at 6:00.
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that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn gets a break. >> one month uncounted congress braces for a looming deadline. >> the fourth of july weekend is here, what to expect if you are travelling or sticking around town. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6 on your side. the case against dominique strauss-kahn appears to be falling apart. >> a judge has agreed to allow him to leave home confinement. the news comes after an extensive background investigation of this accuser. we are following the latest in
5:59 pm
this case. >> prosecutors have said they had a strong case. dominique strauss-kahn was held in a luxury townhouse project that has all changed. they were forced to investigate the alleged victim and review our story. dominique strauss-kahn is now free on his own recognizance. prosecutors are scrambling to save a weakening case. >> those proceedings did not dismiss the indictment or any of the charges. >> he was accused of sexually assaulting a 32-year-old made in his luxury hotel suite. prosecutors said they found troubling issues in the alleged victim's background. >> we are not moving to dismiss the case at this time. >> the woman has admitted making up a story that she was gang


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